Reservist and Families Services Branch

A services branch of the Mental Health Service Command

The Reservists and Family Services Branch (RFSB) provides services to all USFDRC reservist members and their families. In addition, to all community first responder’s police, fire, and emergency medical personnel and their families when requested.


The RFSB will act as a central coordinating human services agency to assess the USFDRC community needs, establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with other community organizations and agencies, provide direct support services, and refer reservists’ personnel and their family members to appropriate sources of assistance, as required.


Such cooperation and collaboration are the essence of community readiness and facilitate coordinated responses to complex emergency scenarios as well as to on-going preparedness initiatives.

Vision Statement

“Reservists and Families Are Always Ready”

Mission Statement

“To Ensure Reservist and Family Total Force Readiness”


The USFDRC National or State Command would activate these units during federal or state emergencies.


If an emergency is not declared, local cities, municipalities, or emergency response systems may request assistance in order to meet the behavioral health needs of communities in local crises by contacting us.


For additional information about the role these units can play in assisting your community, please contact us:


MG Dr. Rafael L. Guzman, BA/D. Div.

Florida State Commander/ Chief of Chaplains


Telephone: 1-321-332-7100 Ext. 556

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