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Patient Portal:

Welcome to the client portal for the United States Fire Department Reserve Corps: Mental Health Services Command, (USFDRC/MHSC). Our client portal allows you to view when clinicians are available for appointments; request to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments; view your upcoming appointments; join telehealth sessions; and review, sign, or complete documents and forms electronically; and make credit and debit card payments. Please contact us if you require any assistance or further information. If you don’t have a portal account yet or have forgotten your password, please feel free to contact OIT Margaretha A. DeJesus at 1-321-332-7100 Ext. 563 or by email at mdejesus@usfdrc.org. Thank you for your time and consideration!

With your patient portal you can:

With your patient portal you can:

  • Message your care team.
  • View and request appointments.
  • Review your record.
  • View current billing activity.
  • And, much more!

Your secure online connection:

Our patient portal is a user-friendly online service that gives you the resources to better manage your care from anywhere with an internet connection (computer, tablet, smartphone). With the patient portal you can be actively involved in your care anytime that is convenient for you, day, or night.

Step 1: Would like to become a client?    Just click below!

Be ready to enter your information, as well as your insurance information, if applicable. Thanks!

Step 2: Login, and signing up is easy!

After receiving an email from us with an invite. Visit our Patient Portal below to create an account. A valid email address must be used to open an account. Please login to the patient portal to send any messages to your care team, set up appointments, and other services. They cannot be responded to you via a regular email account, such as Yahoo, Gmail, and others, only through our secure email system.

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