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Florida Mental Health Services Command

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Certified Case Management Agency provider by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration


Who We Are?


The Mental Health Service Command is a branch of the United States Fire Department Reserve Corps (USFDRC: MHSC). The USFDRC is non-governmental, (NGO) not-for-profit, charitable, humanitarian, educational and public safety organization providing Mental Health Services throughout the State of Florida to individuals with disabilities, those with complex medical needs and serious mental health disorders, transitioning youth, court-involved individuals, children, adults, and veterans.


In Response to Covid-19, the USFDRC: MHSC  is providing online video counseling in compliant with HIPPA.


Although we are in a difficult time, remember to take care of your health and keep your scheduled appointments. Now we could connect with clients via video counseling. If you have a scheduled in-office appointment at the MHSC, but cannot attend in person either because you have symptoms or because you do not want to be in public, please register at our Client Portal to switch your appointment to a video counseling visit where you can connect from your home.


We welcome all people who can benefit from our services. We help people understand options in a dignified and respectful way. We provide quality information and helpful options that can guide people to resources of their choice; ultimately supporting their decisions to connect to available services.


Our Service Coordination provides quality case management services by helping people understand what their choices are and connecting them to resources in their communities in ways that respect their dignity and rights.


Our Mission:

“Living Recovery in the Present, Offering Hope for the Future”


Our Motto:

“Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes”

Certified Targeted Case Management Agency provider by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration


What is Targeted Case Management?:

Targeted Case Management (TCM) services by manages multiple resources to our clients. It is designed to help persons to gain access to appropriate and necessary medical services and interrelated social and education services.


Role of Our Targeted Case Managers:

Our Targeted Case Managers facilitate the community-based assessment and planning process by working with individuals, families, service providers, and other agencies and individuals to create an individualized plan based on a comprehensive assessment of needs for each person. In addition, case managers assist individuals and/or parents or guardians in navigating the service system.

Typical responsibilities of targeted case managers include:

  • Assessing needs and completing a comprehensive assessment
  • Developing an individualized plan (IP), including a crisis plan
  • Referral for services
  • Coordination of services
  • Ongoing monitoring to assess the consumer’s safety, well-being, and stability, as well as monitoring the progress toward the goals identified in their individualized plan (IP).


Core Operating Values:

Our core operating values guide the way in which our board of governor’s directors, employees, and reservists’ volunteers want the community to experience our organization. We want to be known as resourceful, educated, and respectful. We want to demonstrate daily excellence by embracing and living out these core operating values in the way we work.

  • People come first: Show respect and honor for ALL people in words and actions.
  • We drive solutions: Persistently seek opportunities and overcome obstacles. Navigate systems masterfully to make possibilities a reality.
  • We build connections: Because relationships are the foundation of our work, we share strong working relationships with each other and with those outsides of our organization.
  • We educate: Raise awareness in communities to appreciate the similarities and unique gifts of each person. Explore choices with people we support.

Core Competencies:

  • Relationships: At Service Coordination we operate with an understanding that it is primarily through effective relationships that we can achieve positive change on the individual and systems levels.
  • Navigational Expertise: At Service Coordination we listen closely to individuals telling us their dreams and goals. With that knowledge and our expertise, we provide resources, connections, and linkages to make dreams a reality.


Theory of Action:

The following principles and beliefs guide the development of our programs and operations:

  • It takes great expertise to find resources and to connect people to them. Success results from the quality of abundant creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Positive working relationships reflect the commitment that we have to each other, the organization, and the people we support. Solid relationships are built upon trust and mutual respect.
  • As a mobile workforce based in the communities of the people we serve, we focus our abilities to affect positive change in systems and within communities.
  • All persons should be able to make choices that affect their lives. Our role is to help people discover and explore possibilities, weighing the value of all available options.
  • With an increased understanding of people with differences comes an appreciation of the value all people bring to their communities.
  • As a strength-based, person-centered organization, we engage the people we support, their families, our staff, and others in making decisions, developing processes, and creating the structures that support the highest quality case management services.


Primary Customers:

Our primary customers are people we support and their families needing case management services.


Supporting Partners:

We work collaboratively with a wide variety of supporting partners to carry out our mission. Supporting partners include but are not limited to:

  • Community leaders
  • Elected officials
  • Federal, state and local government agencies
  • Individual donors
  • Media personalities and journalists
  • Nonprofit community organizations
  • Professionals including; educators, lawyers, medical personnel, police, and firefighters
  • Service Coordination Board members
  • Service Coordination staff
  • Universities, Colleges and School Systems
  • Volunteers


Benefits of Personalized Case Management

  • Provides case management processes and solutions that are appropriate for the patient
  • Allows for integration of the needs of individuals
  • Enables modifications based on outcomes analysis
  • Creates program flexibility
  • Gives case managers greater creative control over their process


Targeted Case Management for Children


Who qualifies?

  • Children ages 0 to 17 with:
  • Behavioral or emotional difficulties at home and/or school; or
  • A diagnosis that is not a developmental challenge; or
  • Destructive behaviors that could cause self-harm or harm to others.


What to expect:

Our goal is to empower you to be your child’s greatest advocate and to safely work through challenges even if every day feels like another crisis so your child can remain at home and school (when appropriate).


We can meet with your child at home, school, or daycare – wherever it’s most convenient and comfortable.


Working together, we’ll assess your child’s needs and develop a personalized plan to:

  • Help your family work through tough challenges and reach goals
  • Advocate for your child’s mental health needs
  • Build strategies to handle challenging behaviors and situations
  • Manage stress and frustrations

We’ll also connect you with deeper resources including:

  • Counseling
  • Behavior analysis
  • Psychological or psychiatric evaluations
  • Monthly medication check-ins with your child’s doctor
  • Mentoring


Targeted Case Management for Adults

Who qualifies Adults (18+) with:

  • Involvement in a DCF behavioral health program
  • A behavioral health diagnosis


What to expect:

We’ll empower you to navigate the complex system of care to access resources, from understanding your insurance benefits to building your support system and finding a health care provider.


Working together, we’ll develop a personalized plan to:

  • Set and reach goals
  • Find peace and stability
  • Advocate for your needs
  • Build strategies to handle stressful situations
  • Connect you with deeper resources including:
  • Counseling
  • Behavior analysis
  • Psychological or psychiatric evaluations
  • Monthly medication check-ins with your child’s doctor
  • Mentoring



Certified Community Behavioral Health Services Agency provider by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration


We are offering comprehensive behavioral health and addiction treatment services for children, adolescents, adults, and families.


  • Experienced: We have been providing behavioral health services with highly experiences professionals, working with people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Compassionate: We offer accessible, person-focused services that are respectful of individual experiences and capabilities.
  • Evidence-Based: Our programs all incorporate practices that are shown to be effective through rigorous research and evaluation.
  •  Knowledgeable: Our providers are highly trained, and their expertise, skill, and professionalism are recognized throughout our community.
  • Responsive: Our 24/7 goal is to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place.
  • Community-Based: We provide services in a variety of settings, including the home, at schools, at Primary Care Provider locations, and our locations.



Our skilled staff encompasses the broad scope of behavioral health disciplines with expertise in a wide range of evidence-based practices.


Program Overview

  • We offer a variety of programs for children adolescents, adults, elders, and their families.
  • Our approach is strength-based, positive, and goal-directed.
  • Treatment plans are designed in collaboration with clients, their families, their medical healthcare providers, and other natural supports and community resources.

Treatment Works

  • Evidence-based practices guide our work. These practices are established by rigorous scientific research and have been proven effective in achieving positive behavioral health outcomes.
  • We believe treatment and recovery are ongoing processes in which choice, education, advocacy, and hope are key elements.

Your Next Step

  • We provide treatment services where and when they are needed at our offices, schools, Primary Care locations, transitional housing sites, businesses, and community centers.
  • Medicaid and most major insurances are accepted. No insurance? We will help you figure it out.
  • Contact us with questions and to schedule appointments.

Florida Mental Health Services Command

Community Services Center

For services or additional information, please contact:

Dr. Dorothy Marie Brown, Ph. D., LMHC, CET, MCAP, CMHP

1400 North P. St., Pensacola, Florida 32505

E-Mail: dmbrown@usfdrc.org

Telephone: 1-321-332-7100 Ext. 551

For services or additional information, please contact:

OIT Marta E. Castillo, MBA, BS, CBHCM

E-Mail: m.e.castillo@usfdrc.org

Telephone: 1-321-332-7100 Ext. 555

North Carolina Health Services Command

Community Services Center

Psychological Services

If you are suffering, we are here to help. Our mission is to support people as they work through issues that are holding them back from living lives of purpose, meaning, and peace.


Through various modalities, including individual psychotherapy, life, marriage, and family counseling, as well as group programs and independent psychological evaluations, we strive to help our clients improve the quality of their lives.


Some of the challenges we can help with include:


  • Depression
  • Anxiety, including social anxiety.
  • Stress management
  • Phobias
  • Panic disorders
  • Substance abuse and addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • OCD
  • Low self-esteem
  • Trauma
  • Postpartum depression
  • Marital challenges
  • Children/family issues
  • Grief counseling
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anger management

For services or additional information, please contact:

Dr. Joseph Tooley, Psy.D

Mental Health Services Director

455 Swiftside Drive, Suite 102 Cary, North Carolina 27511

E-Mail: jtooley@usfdrc.org

Telephone: 1-321-332-7100 Ext 558

Health information technology (Health IT) makes it possible for health care providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information. Health IT includes the use of electronic health records (EHRs) instead of paper medical records to maintain people's health information.

Client Rights!

As a client, you are entitled to certain rights regarding your care and information. Please view the following videos for more information.

Video: Your Rights!

This video introduces your rights under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Watch to learn about the information in your electronic health record (EHR) and how you can get it, share it with others, and use it to take charge of your health. (3:27)

Video: Fees & Timing!

Meet Hannah. Before moving across the country, Hannah meets with her doctor to ask for a copy of her records. Watch this video to learn about associated fees, forms, and the time it may take for Hannah to get a copy of her records. (5:14)

Video: Third Parties!

Martin would like to share the health information in his EHR with a heart health application on his smartphone. Watch this video to find out more about the right to get access to your information using a third party, including an application on your mobile phone. (3:16)

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