Honduras Preparedness and Disaster Services Funds

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The Honduras Red Cross (HRC) has authorized the United States Fire Department Reserve Corps a Non-Governmental (NGO), Not-For-Profit, Charitable, Humanitarian, Educational and Public Safety Organization for receiving and manage the Honduras Preparedness Disaster Relief and Recovery Services Funds in the United States in a joint strategic alliance to render first aid to the ill, injured, and infirm, and to relieve the pain, suffering, and discomfort of those in need of assistance. To aid and assist in the mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. ln addition, organizing and manage actions, including fundraisers that will contribute to financing efforts for the welfare of all citizens, residents, and visitors of the Republic of Honduras.

In early November of 2020, Hurricane Eta left a path of devastation throughout Honduras, causing extensive flooding and damage. Two weeks later, Hurricane Iota took a similar path through Central America, impacting many of the same communities that experienced significant damage. In Honduras alone, these back-to-back storms affected more than 3 million people, displacing nearly 180,000 from their homes.

We are assisting with a comprehensive approach to emergency response and recovery. As experienced first responders, we provide lifesaving help to get survivors back on their feet. Then we help people obtain the tools and skills they need to manage their recovery. “Donate Now, Help Us To Help Others!”

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