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We require funding to provide communities with Emergency Mental Health Support Services the local first responder, hospital personnel and their families.


The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is taking an emotional toll. Fear and anxiety about the disease is very overwhelming and is causing strong emotional or mental health changes; affecting some individual’s ability to care for themselves and their family.


Our Reservists and Family Services Command (RFSC) and Disaster Mental Health Service Command (DMHSC) provides mental health services to all community first responder’s police, fire, emergency medical personnel, hospital personnel, and their families.


The RFSC and DMHSC will act as a central coordinating human services agency to assess the first responder's community needs, establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with other community organizations and agencies, provide direct support services, and refer first responders, hospital personnel and their family members to appropriate sources of assistance, as required.


Such cooperation and collaboration are the essence of community readiness and facilitate coordinated responses to complex emergency scenarios as well as to on-going preparedness initiatives.


First responders are devoted to helping and providing support to the public. Let’s give back to first responders for everything they have given us. Please visit our webpage for further information at www.usfdrc.org

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This tool can help you understand what to do next about COVID-19. Let’s all look out for each other by knowing our status, trying not to infect others, and reserving care for those in need.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) News


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Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus


Medidas de protección contra el coronavirus.

WHO: Strategic preparedness and response plan for the new coronavirus


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