The Fire Corps Academy is a series of training sessions and resources designed for Fire Corps program managers, department leaders, department staff, and local Fire Corps volunteers who wish to start and/or participate in a Fire Corps program.

You can sign up for the Fire Corps Academy using the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Virtual Classroom at

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  • Both NVFC and Fire Corps Academy courses are available on this training center. We encourage you to participate in all classes. Fire Corps-specific sessions are categorized by FC-(class number).
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  • Fire Corps Academy course descriptions are below. In addition to the Fire Corps sessions, also view our list of Other Training Opportunities.


Live Webinars

Fire Corps periodically offers live sessions so students can interact with the instructor and other participants. Stay tuned for information on future live webinars.

On-Site Training

Courses are also available for in-person training sessions at your fire department, fire academy, or other location. Our instructor-led programs include half-day and full-day sessions. Please contact us at or 888-FC-INFO1 (324-6361) for pricing information, course details, and to schedule an on-site training. 

Course Descriptions:

FC-100: Introduction to Fire Corps

FC-100 is designed for fire chiefs, department personnel, municipal officials, and other interested parties who want to learn about the fundamentals of Fire Corps. The session provides an overview of how the Fire Corps program is organized and introduces the benefits, depth, and scope of community volunteer activities in fire and emergency service departments. FC-100 also identifies the basic steps and components to building the infrastructure of a local Fire Corps program.

FC-200: Starting and Implementing a Fire Corps Program

FC-200 provides information and activities that can be used to train fire department personnel and/or Fire Corps volunteers who are overseeing or who will oversee or manage a Fire Corps program. This session teaches how to successfully grow a program along with avoiding and mitigating issues that slow or hinder healthy growth. Participants will learn about various volunteer management practices and be provided with sample documents and tips to help sustain and further their programs.

FC-201: Achieving More through Collaboration

This session teaches the fundamentals of collaborating with other agencies and how fire and emergency service departments can achieve more through partnerships. 

FC-202: Project and Volunteer Management

This class is designed for Program Managers and Coordinators or those wishing to be in a leadership role. It provides an overview of how to manage your program and all of its components, including the projects you undertake and the people that will help you get the task done – your volunteers.

FC-203: Program Assessment

This course addresses the fundamentals of effectively assessing a Fire Corps program and why program assessment is important. It looks at how to measure effectiveness of program activities, compile data, and calculate the value of your program. It will also include tools for benchmarking progress, supplemental forms and resources to assist in gathering data, and evaluation techniques to help identify program growth areas and achievements.

FC-204: Funding and Support

This course provides an overview of how funding and resources can benefit, strengthen, and increase the scope of Fire Corps programs by creating financial stability. It also identifies the basic steps and components to building a financial plan. The module will cover which funding streams are available and which are right for your program. Learn basic guidelines to determining your financial needs and resource already available to you, as well as tips to acquiring funding and the benefits to gaining a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

FC-205: Building the Relationship with Suppression

This course provides an overview of Fire Corps teams building relationships and accepting personalities in fire departments, whether they are combination, career, or volunteer, in order to collaborate. This module identifies characteristics of volunteers, characteristics of leaders, and available resources and best practices from existing Fire Corps programs.

FC-300: Activity Ideas for Fire Corps Programs

This course provides information about activities that can help customize a Fire Corps program to fit the specific needs of a department and community. The information will supply a framework for determining what Fire Corps projects would work best to enhance the services the department provides.

FC-301: Fire Corps in Disaster Response

FC-301 provides information and activities that can be used to train fire department personnel and/or Fire Corps volunteers who are overseeing or who will oversee or manage a Fire Corps program. This session is designed to show how Fire Corps fits into a community’s disaster response efforts. Because Fire Corps teams already assist fire and EMS departments in their duties to keep the community safe, Fire Corps volunteers can also be used to start, improve, or enhance a fire department’s disaster response efforts.

FC-302: Providing Rehab

This course offers insight of the proper rest, re-hydration, nourishment, and medical evaluation responders need. The class also provides knowledge of how to start, implement, and/or enhance a rehab program in your department. Learn how to expand your department’s services and provide an opportunity for community members to answer the call to serve our first responders through rehab so everyone goes home safely.

FC-303: Fire Corps in Public Education

This course provides information and activities that can be used to teach participants how Fire Corps members can assist fire departments with fire safety education programming and activities. The workshop will highlight best practices and provide information and tips on training, screening, and monitoring volunteers specifically for fire safety programming and activities.

FC-304: Conducting Home Safety Checks

This course explains the purpose and importance for home safety checks and the role that Fire Corps personnel can play in conducting these checks. It introduces the concept that non-emergency volunteers can be educated in fire prevention concepts and provides the platform and the format to conduct effective home safety surveys. The module will also provide the necessary ingredients to make this program successful.

FC-305: Community Assistance Program

This course provides an overview of a community assistance program particularly after a critical incident, such as fires, death, car accidents, social service referrals, multiple calls to 911, and more. Learn how your Fire Corps team can play a vital role in providing after-the-incident support and the resources necessary to implement this type of program. 

FC-400: Marketing your Program

This session provides information and activities that can be used to teach the fundamentals of marketing for the purposes of volunteer recruitment and promotion of local Fire Corps programs.

FC-401: Engaging Youth Volunteers

This course is designed to help teach how to successfully start a youth Fire Corps program along with methods to ensure the sustainability of the program and keep teens engaged. Learn about various methods and practices that will provide you with a strong foundation to reach and motivate youths in order to maintain and sustain a successful youth Fire Corps program.

FC-402: Engaging Senior Volunteers

This course is designed to give an overview of how Fire Corps programs can connect older adults with volunteer opportunities within their Fire Corps program. The module also identifies strategies on recruiting, interviewing, orientating, training, evaluating, and retaining senior volunteers.

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