The Anthropology Disaster Services Command (ADSC). The ADSC shall be the central delivery system for all sciences such as sociocultural, biological, archeological and linguistic. These sub sciences are command branches of the ADSC. 

The ADSC address contributions of anthropology towards the field of crisis and consequence emergency management, command and control. To aid in the contributions and investigations, on all life-cycle of a disaster event, from pre-disaster vulnerability, conceptions of risk, individual and social responses and coping strategies, and relief management.  It concludes by providing recommendations to the national command for future operations and communities readiness.

The ADSC will establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with other community volunteers and agencies. Such cooperation and collaboration are the essence of community readiness and facilitate coordinated responses to complex emergency scenarios as well as to on-going social problems.

Please feel free to contact our officer with any question.



Carolina Baez, BA



All reservists are required to be a current undergraduate student or have a bachelor’s degree at minimum. Students must maintain a minimum of a 2.7 GPA.

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